A blockchain development company.

SAPPCHAIN provides advanced and innovative blockchain development solutions and services for applications in various industries. We bring absolute transparency, efficiency, world-class security and immutability of data to businesses globally


SAPPCHAIN is a token-based ecosystem, and the name of its under line token is called SAPC Token. SAPC is a token that will be used to exchange services within its SAPPCHAT Messaging App. Services in SAPPCHAT include interactions with our AI Assistant(SAPPiO), service upgrades within the ecosystem and getting incentivized by referring friends. The token is meant for utility within the app, and is not a security token or a commodity. By interacting with the AI Assistant feature on the platform, Smart phone users can have the ability to earn extra free tokens. The SAPPCHAIN team has a wealth of experience in providing effective data privacy and security solutions.


SAPPCHAT platform is decentralized through blockchain technology. Attacks on your sensitive data are impossible.

The SAPPCHAT App utilizes Ethereum-based Blockchain technology smart contracts to establish secure, private and trusted communication links between our users.

Our security protocol developed on genuine end-to-end encryption and blockchain based authentication.

Our Blockchain Tech Expertise

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Azure Blockchain

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How will blockchain help your business

One of the most promising and prominent technologies of this era is blockchain. It is the future of web application development as the applications based on blockchain are completely decentralized and each of the transactions is time stamped. We at Sappchain Ltd have a wealth of experience in implementing blockchain based solutions across industries.

The businesses today are driven by values. There is a constant need for generating optimized business models and blockchain technology is the key to creating such models.

As a blockchain development company we can help you scale and implement blockchain technology for your business to stay ahead of time by providing the best, cost effective and high-end blockchain development services and solutions.