1What is Sappchain?
Sappchain is the world’s first all-in-one decentralized end-to-end encrypted anonymous messaging App with peer-to-peer transfer of money, and cryptocurrency solutions; powered by Blockchain technology and revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence.
2How can I participate in the Airdrop and Bounty campaigns?
a. Join Sappchain’s Telegram Channel:

b. Like and follow our Twitter official page:

c. Like Sappchain on Facebook, and Reddit:

d. Join and comment on our Discord (MANDATORY):

For more information, please visit:
3What makes Sappchain unique?
Sappchain ecosystem is the most promising blockchain messaging platform today. Our Ecosystem will help to establish a new era of secure communication and easy peer-to-peer transfer of money and cryptocurrency coins to everyone you know around the world.
4What is Sappchain Token Distribution Model?
Information about Sappchain Token distribution has been clearly stated on our whitepaper. Kindly visit this link: https://sappchain.co/whitepaper/


1Why Sappchain is conducting an IEO?
The aim is to raise capital to develop and implement Sappchain product with all the necessary features. In addition, the capital raised would be used for marketing and project expansions that would eventually lead to the overall success of sappchain project.
2Are there any discounts or bonuses available for the IEO?
Yes. There are discounts and bonuses that will be offered throughout the IEO process. These bonuses will be announced at each stage of the IEO exercise.
3What is the price of SAPP?
Sappchain (SAPP) is planning to sell 20% of its Total Supply. We model the scaled price of SAPP in US Dollars, which will range from $0.0008 to $0.0002. The earlier stage will have the most discounts followed by subsequent stages.
4What is the minimum purchase requirement?
The minimum purchase rate is US $50 USD.