Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20)

SAPPCHAIN is a multifunctional decentralized instant messaging app built on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20). While offering users all the classic features of a chat application, it also provides users with a lightweight cryptocurrency in-built wallet. Users can send and receive tokens from any crypto wallet to the e-wallet within the app. Through the wallet, users will be able to buy, sell and exchange SAPPCOIN amongst community of users, and use the SAPPCOIN Token as credits for payments within the application.

While communicating with family and friends through SAPPCHAIN, the application will offer many more functionalities than the conventional instant messaging apps. SAPPCHAIN is a unified instant messaging application with features that are useful for personal and professional purposes.

Instead of using centralized servers, SAPPCHAIN hosts data and protects user privacy by using the blockchain for file storage, and decentralized file sharing to distribute messages. This allows SAPPCHAIN to get rid of the need to centrally process text messages and calls, allowing for a global method of free, secure, and anonymous communication.

Encrypted and Decentralized Data

The application itself doesn’t collect personal information such as your names, phone number, and many more, but it mainly prompts for a username and a password in order to start messaging. Therefore, SAPPCHAIN makes user’s data to be encrypted and decentralized, with no identifying data collected, making it impossible to trace data back to individual users. Services in SAPPCHAIN include interactions with our AI Assistant (SAPPiO), service upgrades within the ecosystem and getting incentivized by referring friends. The token is meant for utility within our app, and is not a security token or a commodity.

With the most popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger being massive targets for government pressure, SAPPCHAIN stands as the viable alternative option for users around the world. Private messaging; chat messages, stickers, files, videos, images, etcetera are all stored using IPFS. The money transfer, on the other hand is powered by Bitshares.